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DP Electric Exceeds Hiring Goals with Help from AI Recruiting Assistant

DP Electric Exceeds Hiring Goals with Help from AI Recruiting Assistant


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Tempe, AZ

DP Electric has more than 29 years of experience as a leader in electrical contracting for high profile construction projects, including Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Maryvale Baseball Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. With a strong track record of success and high performance, DP Electric knows the key to delivering quality work that trade partners and clients can depend on begins with a dedicated and skilled team. This commitment to hiring and employee #lifeatDPE has led to repeated recognition as a “Top Company to Work For” in Arizona and one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies.

Before Olivia, DP Electric managed their entire recruitment process through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). But the company found that this process felt impersonal and long to candidates, recruiters and hiring managers, leading to a slow time-to-fill and dozens of hours lost every week. When Recruiting & Development Manager, Steve Brown, first saw the experience candidates could have with Olivia, he knew she presented a previously unrealized opportunity in their hiring. According to Brown, “The experience you have with Olivia makes such a difference because it feels so personal from the start.”

Faster Hiring Through Real-Time Conversations

DP Electric quickly took advantage of capturing candidates on advertising sites like Craigslist, Indeed and social media. At first, recruiters simply tasked Olivia with automating screening of qualified candidates, but the DPE team soon realized that Olivia could help significantly speed up the hiring process for their electricians. Regardless of the employment market, the competition for electricians is so high that candidates are rarely in the job market for more than a day or two. Through real-time messaging with Olivia, DPE recruiters become alerted when qualified electricians are engaging on their career site or through text with Olivia, allowing them to take over the conversation and quickly schedule the candidate for a same-day interview.

Competing For Talent with Personality and Speed

Over time, Olivia has become a staple part of DP Electric’s strategy for hiring top talent. Olivia’s availability to instantly interact with candidates has a major impact on DPE’s marketing-centric approach to recruiting. Olivia captures candidates who “Text DPJobs to 25000” as the call to action everywhere candidates see the DP Electric job advertising. Recruiters post job ads in both traditional and non-traditional ways to reach target candidates, including running a commercial during the NFL Draft and on trucks. This mobile-first experience is critical to DPE’s marketing success because candidates can quickly and conveniently message with Olivia wherever they are. Olivia engages candidates instantly and is available to answer questions regardless of when they see an ad.

"Speed is everything — Olivia allows us to get in front of our candidates quicker than anyone else in a very challenging market."

Exceeding Hiring Goals Through Re-Engagement Campaigns

During one of DP Electric’s busiest hiring times, recruiters knew they’d need to contact thousands of candidates to meet their hiring goals. Traditional methods of advertising jobs and contacting candidates via email and LinkedIn wouldn’t be fast enough, which led them to explore other options. The team decided to leverage Olivia’s text messaging capabilities to contact previous candidates from their ATS. During this time, Olivia saved DPE recruiters 446 hours by re-engaging hundreds of candidates simultaneously. DP Electric recruiters leveraged Olivia to recruit qualified candidates faster, and in some cases, they had people hired on the same day they applied. In total, Olivia engaged nearly 3000 candidates, and helped the DP Electric team to exceed 100% of their hiring goal.

The Difference: Olivia Converts

Olivia is responsible for assisting not only candidates but employees, too, by automating the organization’s employee referral program. Thanks to a quick campaign and ease of use, Olivia increased participation in the employee referral program, resulting in 8% of DP Electric's total hires.

In the three years that Olivia has been working for DP Electric, she’s become indispensable to the team. When asked what made Olivia different from other software, Brown said, “We have confidence in the product, Olivia converts.” As a result, Brown and his team have saved 34% on recruiting advertisement spend with Olivia over the last year.

"Olivia was the reason for our hiring success, we couldn’t have done it without her."

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