MJHS Improves Candidate Conversion Resulting In 60% Decrease In Cost Per Applicant

MJHS Improves Candidate Conversion Resulting In 60% Decrease In Cost Per Applicant






$1.2 billion

As one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the New York region, MJHS provides services ranging from home care, hospice, and rehabilitation, to long-term nursing care. Their commitment to providing care with compassion, respect and dignity is paramount to their hiring process. As an organization reliant on private funding to subsidize services not covered by insurance and government programs, every dollar spent recruiting in such a competitive industry matters.

MJHS hosts 4-6 strategic hiring events per year for key roles such as nursing and allied health. While these events had long proven successful for attracting interest at MJHS, the process was time consuming for the MJHS recruiting team. Candidates registered on the event website through a static form that submitted to a database for recruiter review. The MJHS recruiting team then emailed qualified candidates to invite them to the hiring event. Strategic partner, Buyer Talent Solutions, recognized an opportunity to automate some of this work and improve overall efficiency using Olivia by Paradox to assist with the screening and scheduling of candidates for these events.

Olivia improves candidate conversion and engagement.

Working with Olivia, MJHS is able to capture all candidates once they provide their name, allowing MJHS recruiters the opportunity to follow up with individuals who don’t complete the screening conversation. Using Olivia Capture to engage and convert candidates on the event page, MJHS captures 87% of the MJHS candidates who begin the screening process. Over 80% of candidates who engage with Olivia complete the screening in less than 5 minutes.

"The candidates appreciate the experience with Olivia — they feel like they’ve been personally invited and like someone is expecting them."

Simple scheduling and automated email reminders for candidates.

Today, MJHS recruiters review Olivia’s screening and invite candidates with a one-click invite, allowing candidates to choose the time and date most convenient for their schedules. This process eliminates the back and forth emailing between recruiter and candidate. In fact, scheduling is so seamless that using, Olivia Scheduling, the MJHS candidate acceptance rate for interviews is 100%. Today, the majority of candidate interviews are scheduled within a day of initial engagement and over 70% select their time within two hours of receiving an interview invitation.

Recruiting costs optimized through improved process and candidate experience.

Thanks to the improved candidate conversion rates with Olivia, MJHS is seeing their same advertising dollars translate to more candidates. This year for their career events, with help from Olivia, registrations have increased by 77% and the MJHS cost per applicant has dropped by 60%. MJHS now knows exactly how many candidates will attend the recruiting event and when attendees will be arriving, allowing MJHS to better manage recruiter resources and provide a better event experience for their candidates.

"Olivia is taking on a lot of the administrative burden from the MJHS recruiters, allowing us to focus our time on finding top talent to join our team."

Increase in Event Registrations


Interview Acceptance


Decrease in Cost Per Applicant

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