Olivia assists hospitality recruiters and transforms hiring across the country.

Olivia handles recruiting tasks so your general managers don’t have to.

Designed for the (very busy) frontline manager.

Managers are business operators — managing schedules, your customer’s needs, and putting out fires everywhere. The last thing they have time for is administrative hiring work.

Olivia creates a new paradigm — making on-demand hiring possible by managing the back and forth of candidate interactions and logistics 24/7, so your managers don’t have to.

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Advertise jobs with a simple text to apply experience.

Olivia reduces dropoff by making it simple for hourly and salaried candidates to apply in minutes where they’re most comfortable, 24/7: their phones.

Advertise jobs with a simple text to apply experience
Advertise jobs with a simple text to apply experience
Schedule interviews automatically

Schedule qualified candidates for interviews — instantly and automatically.

From scheduling to rescheduling to reminders, Olivia ensures you never have to worry about endless back and forth, double booking, or interview no-shows again.

Send offers that candidates can accept from their phone

Send offers that candidates can accept from their phone.

Delivering an exceptional hiring experience shouldn’t stop once the interview is over. New hires are greeted with customized offer-letters, mobile-friendly onboarding forms, and an assistant to guide them through the entire process.

Onboarding so everyone is first day ready.

Olivia can share tax documents, background checks, and more — and she’ll be there to answer any questions new hires have along the way.

Meet Rachel.
Her team is growing faster than ever.

More Candidates

400% increase in candidate flow


$700K saved annually from job advertisements.

How it started.

When it was time to re-open after the Covid-19 pandemic, Great Wolf Lodge began to face major hiring challenges. Rachel and her team decided to search for a solution that would provide a premium candidate experience and introduce speed to the hiring process.

How it’s going.

Not only was their new AI assistant able to take hours of administrative work off the recruiting team’s plate, they also created the kind of modern, “internet generation” experience that Rachel knew would resonate with the type of people her team was recruiting.

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