58% decrease in time-to-apply with conversational AI.

How Tractor Supply increased candidate conversion by creating an approachable hiring process.


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As the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S., Tractor Supply has retail locations in 49 states. Primarily operating in rural locations, the local community has been integral in building the culture of Tractor Supply, but also leads to challenges with finding and hiring the staff they need — they compete with both “mom and pop shops” and established home improvement retailers for candidates.


Mary Battle Broxton

Mary Battle Broxton
Employer Branding Manager
Tractor Supply Co.

What problems were they encountering?

Manual processes.

Without automation, recruiters managed all candidate communication manually.

Fragmented tech stack.

Recruiters were working on various platforms that lacked unifying integration.

Conversion opportunity.

Tractor Supply lacked an efficient process to convert customers into candidates — and hires.

Long application time.

With long applications times for candidates, there was significant drop-off.

Leaning on automation to do more with less.

“Candidates really get a chance to feel like they belonged in our organization."

With recruiting teams dealing with an ever-changing talent market, Tractor Supply wanted to get automation into the hands of their recruiters as fast as possible. After conversations with Paradox, Tractor Supply realized conversational AI would alleviate their needs to improve the candidate experience and reduce administrative tasks for recruiters. That conversational AI is embodied through Cory.

Cory, an AI assistant that automatically responds to candidates, instantly screens candidates to determine their qualifications, and answer any questions that they have. Since Cory’s implementation, store managers have been able to spend more quality time with candidates — allowing for more informed decisions on finding the right-fit — and way less time on the administrative side.

Turning customers into candidates.

Candidate Q&A

When candidates have questions, Cory will instantly respond with tailored answers and relevant content.

24/7 responses

Cory is always available to chat with, greatly expanding the amount of possible candidate interactions.

Instant screening

Cory will automatically screen candidates to determine if they are qualified for a role.

“The time to complete our applications has gone down dramatically, and our conversion rates are higher.”
Mary Battle Broxton

Employer Branding Manager


Every great hire starts with a conversation.

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