Olivia's helping the world's best financial institutions hire faster and smarter.

Engage with candidates 24/7 — even when recruiters are sleeping.

Olivia creates a new paradigm — making on-demand hiring possible by managing the back and forth of candidate interactions and logistics 24/7, so your managers don’t have to.

Video or chat, it’s your choice.
Screen new candidates instantly

Screen new candidates instantly.

Mobile apply, conversational screening and resume matching creates consistency at scale and increases conversion.

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Schedule interviews automatically

Schedule interviews automatically.

From scheduling to rescheduling to reminders, Olivia ensures you never have to worry about endless back and forth, double booking, or interview no-shows again.

Collect candidate feedback in real-time — without doing anything

Collect candidate feedback in real-time — without doing anything.

Stop wondering how candidates feel about each stage of your hiring process by letting Olivia just ask them — right in the moment.

"The ability to text or email candidates to set these up was a HUGE game-changer for both the candidate and me!"


Talent Acquisition Specialist

dfcu financial

“[Using Paradox] was completely transformational, almost instantly. Our team was saving an enormous amount of time.”

Jay Chan, Head of Talent Acquisition

dfcu financial

Every great hire starts with a conversation.

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