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22% decrease in cost per hire with recruiting automation.

How MultiCare Health System transformed their recruiting process with automation and conversational event software.
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MultiCare’s main form of recruiting is through in-person events. But the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to rethink how they hired. Their team was struggling to recreate that magic over a virtual platform.

MultiCare now has an AI assistant, Olivia, that automates candidate registrations, screening, and scheduling — freeing up the MultiCare team to improve the virtual interview experience.

  • Conversational Events offers candidates the ability to engage with Olivia on their phones — getting screened and scheduled in a matter of minutes.
  • MultiCare has decreased cost per event from an average of $4,000 to $1,000 — a decrease of 75% in just a few months.


increase in event hires


decrease in cost per hire.

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Every great hire starts with a conversation.

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