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Fast, mobile recruiting so your team can keep on trucking.

Truck drivers are constantly on the move. Meet the AI assistant who can help you recruit them anywhere with effortless, mobile-first experiences that everyone will love — especially your team.

Olivia's helping some of the logistics industry's best: 

Schedule interviews with candidates for logistics jobs  through AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox

Fast-track qualified drivers without lifting a finger.

Remember when it took 45 minutes to apply to a job? And days for your team to review every new applicant? Not anymore. Engage drivers on any device or messaging app, at any time, and instantly screen them with customizable questions and a smooth, mobile-first experience.

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Interview scheduler for retail and restaurants with Olivia from Paradox

Put interview scheduling on autopilot.

Drivers are critical to getting cargo from point A to point B. But interview scheduling? Olivia can take those logistics off your plate — freeing your recruiting team up to spend time with people, not process.

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Faster hiring. Less spending.

What's better than hiring the best candidates faster? Spending a whole lot less while you do it. 


Average cost per applicant with Olivia


of candidate conversations happen after hours


Average cost per driver hire with Olivia

Paradox virtual hiring for logistics companies

Instant, 24/7 answers to any question, even on the open road.

Qualified drivers won't wait around for you to answer their questions. Olivia can answer them instantly — in almost any language, on every device, 24 hours a day. 

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Results for U.S. Xpress

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of candidate conversations happening after hours


of candidates positively rate the application experience

<3 minutes

to automatically schedule interviews with qualified applicants

“Olivia's reducing friction and radically simplifying hiring — not just for drivers, but for our own team, too.”
Jacob Kramer, VP of Talent Acquisition

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