We believe in a future where hiring work is replaced by conversations...

...freeing people up to spend time with people, not software.

Think about the work you do every day. The things you love about your job. The things you don’t. The things you’re stuck doing. The things that weigh you down. The things that stack up when your recruiters have 40 reqs to fill or a manager has an entire restaurant to staff.

Now, think about why you got into this line of work in the first place.

We’re willing to bet it wasn’t to screen resumes or mindlessly change statuses in an ATS. It probably wasn’t to play calendar back-and-forth to schedule every interview, or chase candidates when they don’t show up for one. It wasn’t to endlessly answer the same repetitive questions. And it wasn’t to remind candidates to — for the sixth time — please complete their background check.

You got into recruiting because you love the people stuff.

The thrill of discovering the perfect candidate for a critical role. The joy of seeing them accept the job. The challenge of guiding a hiring manager through the heartbreak of a declined offer. The empathy to walk a candidate through why they weren’t your top choice. You do what you do because you’re a champion of talent — the kind of person who actually cares about the teams you build and the people who rely on you to do it.

So, why can’t recruiting be about that stuff again? Why can’t your work be less about the work you hate and more about the stuff you signed up to do?

We believe it can be.

Get back to the work you love.

For years, so much of how we hire has relied on antiquated processes and systems. Manual steps. Needless friction. Difficult software with logins and passwords we always forget.

But what if you could eliminate all of that? What if you could make the hiring experience feel lightweight? Easy. Conversational. Invisible.

What if you could create experiences your candidates love. Experiences that get you back to the work you love. That’s what we’re on a mission to solve.

When we created Paradox, we saw a future where hiring software (and the friction that slows us down) started to disappear — replaced by conversational experiences that untether us from clunky systems through an assistant who gets work done for us.

At Paradox, we call that assistant Olivia. 🙂

OK, but why 'conversational'?

Great question. The long answer: because conversations power the world, and they should power recruiting and hiring, too. Our conversational software — that is, the ability for candidates and recruiters to have a real time text exchange with an AI using natural language — transforms traditionally clunky experiences, like screening or scheduling, into a simple chat. It's simple. It's easy. Which brings us to the short answer: it just works. We've helped thousands of companies increase conversion rates by over 50% and hire more of the people they need. That's the power of conversational.

Conversations — the next generation of recruiting software.

Now, imagine if you had an assistant by your side every day. What would you have that assistant do?

Maybe it’d be screening applicants so your recruiters could focus only on the people most qualified for the role. Or maybe it would be automating as much of the hiring process as possible — scheduling and rescheduling interviews; collecting feedback after every interview; sending offers; sharing onboarding paperwork. Sure, it’s all relatively simple administrative work. But that work adds up quickly — and it slows everything down.

Olivia’s job is to take all of it off your plate.

She’s already working for more than 500 companies around the world, saving them millions of hours of manual work every year. She’s cutting time-to-hire in half. Increasing applicant conversion by 5x. And flipping candidate experience on its head — with 99.78% of candidates rating the experience positively. When’s the last time an ATS did that?

The best part? She’s just getting started — and we’d love to have you join us on the journey.

We’re a global team with a global reach.

We're working toward something much bigger than ourselves.

Create the future

Play for the front of the jersey, not the back

Measure client success in hugs

Deliver magical moments

Be better tomorrow than we are today

Have a high give-a-damn

Every great hire starts with a conversation.

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