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As one of the largest credit unions in Michigan, DFCU Financial serves thousands of families and businesses across the state. Since 1950, DFCU Financial has provided personalized services, financial expertise, and strong relationships for their clients and employees. Consistently ranked as one of Michigan’s Top Places to Work, DFCU has been recognized by their peers for their commitment to candidates and employees. For the Talent Team, this commitment starts by providing a quality experience that candidates remember. In 2017, DFCU Financial hired AI recruiting assistant, Olivia, to help propel their candidate experience to the next level.

Personalized Experiences without Sacrificing Efficiency

Before employing the help of Olivia, creating meaningful relationships with candidates meant Talent Acquisition Specialists would often spend hours answering candidate questions and coordinating with them over the phone. The problem for the Talent Team was always, “How can we provide a personalized candidate experience without sacrificing recruitment efficiency?” Rebecca Hicks, Talent Acquisition Specialist at DFCU Financial, found the antidote for their recruitment inefficiency after reading an article around AI in talent acquisition, mobile, and text recruiting. Realizing the impact this technology could have on her company, AI recruiting assistant, Olivia, was put to the test.

Efficient Scheduling and Paperless Recruiting

Talent Acquisition Specialists at DFCU Financial are busy, their hiring managers are busy, and their candidates are busy. Packed schedules make finding an interview time that works for everyone a puzzling task. Finding a scheduling tool that’s easy to use and increases efficiency was paramount to DFCU Financial’s ability for hiring success. Hicks notes; “Olivia is smart enough to recognize other meetings on my calendar and doesn’t offer those as available time slots for candidate interviews. And if we need to cancel or reschedule an interview, we can do so with the click of a button.” As time goes on, Rebecca and the team plan to continue rolling out Olivia’s scheduling ability to more and more hiring managers.

"The ability to text or email candidates to set these up was a HUGE game-changer for both the candidate and me!"

By leveraging text recruiting and automatic scheduling, DFCU Financial has drastically reduced the time it takes to hire qualified candidates. Since implementation, the extra hours saved has allowed Rebecca to focus on making the experience better for her candidates. Even though Rebecca and her hiring managers are constantly filling positions and hiring new talent, they’ve dedicated time to reevaluate their recruitment process. One of the many changes that have been made in the process is how the team documents a candidate’s aptitude. Instead of taking notes on sheets of paper during screening or interviews, the team has gone paperless by using Olivia’s notes tab to make comments and recommendations on candidates. These notes are then imported into their applicant tracking system so hiring managers can view the status and comments about their candidates.

Faster Hiring = Happier Candidates

In 2017, DFCU Financial committed to leveraging recruitment technology to scale their goal of creating meaningful candidate experiences. Today, Rebecca has seen astonishing results with Olivia, “I find that communicating with candidates over text is a lot easier and streamlines the process as opposed to playing phone tag and emailing them back and forth.” No longer does the team have to spend hours coordinating interviews over email or playing phone tag with busy candidates. Due to the convenience of communicating over mobile devices, candidate ghosting has decreased tremendously and time to hire has never been quicker. Having the ability to text candidates and schedule interviews over the phone have enabled the Talent Team to spend more of their time building relationships with top talent. This extra time is spent one on one with candidates, allowing for better candidate experience, and higher-quality hires.

"Olivia is smart enough to recognize other meetings on my calendar and doesn’t offer those as available time slots for candidate interviews. And if we need to we can cancel or reschedule an interview, we can do so with the click of a button."

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