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Triton Technologies Accelerates Hiring with 24/7 AI Recruiting Assistance

Triton Technologies is proud to be a leader in the contact center and business process outsourcing industries for their reputation of providing unforgettable customer experiences and top of the line business solutions for companies around the globe. Triton’s philosophy of providing excellent experiences for their customers, translates to their employees and their employment brand. Triton believes in investing in their employees by providing in-house training, a comfortable work environment, great benefits, and opportunities to grow within the team. Effectively communicating their company culture starts with their very first interaction with candidates. As Triton Technologies expands their team, they have enlisted AI Recruiting Assistant Olivia to help them scale personal candidate experiences in the hiring process.

Screening for Fit, One Conversation at a Time

Prior to Olivia, the team conducted phone screening to get a better understanding of each candidate’s fit and their ability to perform in the role. But as the company has grown, recruiters have less time to spend with each candidate. With the help of Triton’s AI recruiting assistant, Olivia, the team analyzes candidate interactions with her as a way to gauge their personality, professionalism, and communication skills. Kathleen McWilliams, Recruiter at Triton says, “We hire for personality at Triton, and the way candidates engage with Olivia really tells us a lot about them.” Instead of spending time screening candidates, Triton’s team now spends more of their time making meaningful connections with their top prospects.

Winning Top Talent with Excellent Experiences

Top talent is always in high demand and to be competitive, companies have begun recruiting talent with a consumerized experience. For the team at Triton, the goal of providing a consumerized candidate experience is achieved with speed, personal touchpoints, and ease of use. Having Olivia available to engage with candidates 24/7 drastically speeds up the time to hire and reduces the time candidates wait to have their questions answered. Kathleen McWillliams says, “Recruiting is a high volume undertaking at Triton, our candidates want speed and so do we.” Olivia kicks off every candidate relationship with a personal experience. She answers candidates questions, assists them throughout the process, and connects them with a recruiter when the timing is right. Recruiters can takeover candidate conversations at any point to connect in real-time with top prospects over text message.

Olivia frees up time for recruiters by allowing them to communicate with candidates over text, automatically scheduling top talent, and streamlining the recruitment process. Today, recruiters spend more time with each candidate, making the process more personal than ever before. Having the ease of applying for positions over mobile devices has been a game changer for the younger candidates Triton looks to hire. Today, leveraging tools like Olivia to create a consumerized candidate experience has become the core of Triton’s hiring strategy.

"We have enjoyed working with Olivia for about a year and a half now and I don’t know how we got along without her!"

Kathleen McWilliams
Recruiter, Triton Technologies

Turning High Volume Tasks Into Valuable Time

Besides how realistic Olivia’s interactions are with candidates, recruiters at Triton are most surprised by the follow through they see from candidates who engage with Olivia. From the first touchpoint to the point of hire, candidates stay engaged throughout the entire process. This increased engagement has drastically reduced Triton’s time to hire, which in turn has led to a decline in candidate drop-off. “Simply put, the return on investment has been fantastic. Before Olivia, we were using phone calls and email to reach out to candidates. It wasn’t working, making so much of our time and effort wasted” shared McWilliams.

Now, Olivia provides the team with a direct line to candidates and the ability to engage with them where and when it’s most convenient. More than one third of Triton’s candidates engage with Olivia outside of normal business hours. These are candidates that the team wouldn’t have otherwise been able to interact with before Olivia. Speed is crucial for Triton’s team to be able to recruit in high volume, with the help of Olivia, 85% of candidates are scheduled for an interview in just an hour after they start the conversation with her. Today, Triton’s team relies on Olivia’s skills to help scale personalized candidate experiences.

"I could not imagine doing my job as a recruiter without the use of Olivia, and I hope I never have to. Thank you for making my job easier and more fun."

Brigette Lester
Recruiter, Triton Technologies


of Interviews Scheduled in Less Than 1 Hour
of Candidates Engaged with Olivia Outside of Normal Business Hours

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