Client Success Story

Thomson Reuters Successfully Competes for Top Tech Talent with Help from Assistive Intelligence

Thomsons Reuters--the world’s leading provider of news and information-based tools to professionals–is committed to hiring the best talent to join its team of 25,000 employees. This dedication to excellence in hiring and to workforce diversity led to the organization’s involvement for both talent development and recruiting at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). The renowned event is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists, attracting top technical leaders and students, as well as the leading organizations that both employ and recruit them.

While recruiting top technical talent remains challenging for most companies, the competition for talent at GHC reaches entirely new levels as top employers compete for the best of the best. After evaluating their lack of success at previous events, Neeti Upreti, Vice President, Head of Talent Acquisition for Thomson Reuters decided to give it another try, but with a new approach. “There are hundreds of companies vying for interviews with the same candidates,” explained Upreti. “We knew that time was of the essence and we couldn’t call or email 7,000 people. We needed a new plan.” After an exhaustive search for AI and automation technologies, Upreti selected Paradox and the company’s recruiting assistant, Olivia.

Identifying and Scheduling the Right Talent

While speed to schedule was a critical factor, identifying the right candidates provided another challenge. Of the thousands of candidates, Thomson Reuters wanted to schedule only sophomores and juniors who met a specific set of criteria for the 117 onsite interviews. In years past, Thomson Reuters sent an introductory email, followed by manual phone screenings or email conversations with candidates, taking weeks of recruiters’ time. Now, with the help of Olivia, candidates were instead directed by email to a targeted landing page where qualified candidates were screened and scheduled using conversational AI. “I was very pleasantly surprised with how quickly Olivia was up and running. It was only a few days. I couldn’t have hired and trained a new recruiter that quickly,” said Upreti.

"We explored all the AI tools on the market, looking for the most cutting-edge technology. We fell in love with Olivia."

Neeti Upreti
Vice President, Head of Talent Acquisition, Thomson Reuters

Unprecedented Success and Candidate Engagement

Walking into the event, not only did Thomson Reuters fill all of the interview times, but they had an additional waitlist of candidates. Due to the competition and experience from past events, Thomson Reuters expected 60% of these pre-scheduled candidates to show for the interviews. However, thanks to text message reminders from Olivia, Thomson Reuters was amazed to have a 98% interview show rate at the event. And as for the quality of the candidates, Olivia screened at a 95% accuracy rate.

Real Results and Reallocated Recruiter Resources

According to Upreti, “She became part of our team and our recruiters love her. Thanks to Olivia, we didn’t have to worry about the screening, scheduling or reminding.” With Olivia managing the onsite interviews, Thomson Reuter’s talented team of recruiters focused their creativity and expertise on innovating the experience at the event for candidates by building their brand through coding challenges, webinars and other employment marketing opportunities. “The results speak for themselves,” said Upreti. “Where we’d hired only 1-2 students in past years, we far exceeded our goal by extending offers to 100 incredible candidates. Olivia gave us the chance to compete for this talent.”

"It is impossible to imagine how we’d have done it without Olivia. She turned mountain-moving work into easily achievable results."

Neeti Upreti
Vice President, Head of Talent Acquisition, Thomson Reuters


Interviews Scheduled Over 2 Days
Exceeded Hiring Goal
Screened and Scheduled Accuracy
Interview Show Rate

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