GoWireless is transforming the way retailers hire amazing talent — making every part of the hiring process mobile, simple, and fast.

GoWireless is transforming the way retailers hire amazing talent — making every part of the hiring process mobile, simple, and fast.







GoWireless, a Verizon Authorized Retailer, offers technology and services that include mobile devices and mobile internet across 650 stores, with more than 2,500 employees. Due to a changing labor market and a highly competitive industry, keeping their 650 stores fully staffed is no easy task.

These dynamics, coupled with a reactive job posting process and delays in outreach to candidates, resulted in thousands of dollars lost in recruitment marketing spend and countless hours of hiring manager time wasted.

Derek Braun, GoWireless's Staffing and Recruiting Manager, recognized these mounting obstacles and how critical it was to overhaul their manual recruiting processes for a more efficient and effective hiring strategy. After careful research, Braun selected Paradox as their technology partner to drive speed and automation into hiring by employing Paradox's AI recruiting assistant, Olivia, to work alongside the GoWireless staffing team.

Boosting Productivity & Reducing Waste with Automation

Through a customized outbound approach, Olivia can engage hundreds of new candidates and re-engage past applicants at scale. In addition to capturing candidates, Olivia has sped up a recruiter’s ability to schedule phone screenings and video interviews by automating scheduling when she meets a qualified candidate.

By proactively connecting with candidates in hours instead of days and keeping them engaged throughout the recruiting process, Olivia helped reduce candidate drop-off. The speed to contact has been instrumental in hiring success and reducing advertising spend, Braun says.

“With Olivia, our recruitment marketing spend doesn’t go to waste. We can recruit candidates faster than any of our competitors and no longer lose top talent to slow response time.”

Now, Braun says, recruiting coordinators — who each manage 350 applications every week — can schedule top candidates within a matter of hours and build a stronger relationship with Field Hiring Managers.

Captivating Candidates in a Mobile Ecosystem

As a wireless retailer, GoWireless understands the value of implementing a mobile-first recruiting strategy to attract its mobile savvy candidates. Before partnering with Paradox, Braun and his team often found that candidates would not respond to unknown calls, had full voicemail boxes, and rarely responded to emails.

Text messaging, on the other hand, resonated with their audience — largely millennials, who account for a large percentage of their applicants.

Olivia now sends text reminders to candidates with a scheduled interview and these reminders have drastically lowered missed interviews — saving recruiters and hiring managers time and frustration. Reaching candidates on their mobile device, where they spend a vast majority of their time, is also greatly improving engagement rates and response times, and, in turn, increasing conversions with higher-quality candidates.

"Olivia is our leg up in hiring," Braun says. "It's not possible to otherwise achieve what we've been able to accomplish at scale without Olivia."

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