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Running a franchise business is a full-time job. You've got to keep your doors open and your customers happy — all while you recruit new employees and keep your team staffed, motivated, and engaged. With Paradox, you can outsource everyday franchise recruiting and hiring busywork to a friendly AI assistant named Olivia.

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Speed up your hiring process with AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox

Designed for the (very busy) frontline manager.

Franchise managers are business operators — managing schedules, your customer’s needs, and putting out fires everywhere. The last thing they have time for is administrative hiring work.

Olivia creates a new paradigm — making on-demand hiring possible by managing the back and forth of candidate interactions and logistics 24/7, so your managers don’t have to.

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4-6 hours

Time saved per restaurant, per day

"The burden our AI assistant has eliminated from our manager’s operational — and even personal — time has been amazing."
Colleen Alleman, General Manager
Wendy's franchisee HAZA Foods
Online interview scheduler for retail positions

Text recruiting so simple and elegant, candidates actually enjoy the process.

Nothing kills hourly franchise hiring like friction and time. With Paradox, applying to jobs at your franchise takes minutes — and can be completed entirely through text messaging.

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Easily automate scheduling and offers to go from hello to hire in days, not weeks.

Highly qualified candidates don't wait around for you to respond — they take the first great job they find. With the power of conversational AI, Olivia automates all the stuff that slows down franchise hiring — like reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, delivering onboarding paperwork, and more. The result: Faster hires and a healthier business.

Communicate with job candidates with AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox

3 minutes

average time to complete an application via SMS


of interviews scheduled within 30 minutes

2 days

average time to hire from application to onboard

Communicate with AI assistant Olivia as you recruit and onboard hourly workers

Go from offer to onboarding without any extra work.

Manually sending offers and collecting new hire paperwork tends to drag the restaurant and retail hiring process down. Olivia streamlines it all — automatically delivering offer letters and onboarding paperwork so you can staff locations faster and give candidates (who are also your customers) a fast, respectful experience.

Read how our franchise clients are transforming hiring in their locations:

You've got vendors.
We've got integrations.

From ATSs to CRMs, payroll to assessments, Olivia plays nice with everyone. Whether you need Olivia to integrate into your corporate career site or existing ATS, your assessment vendor or video interview provider, our open API platform makes it easy to connect into any HR tech on the market.

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