Conversational AI for recruiting

Move beyond recruiting chatbots with conversational AI.

We've never liked the idea of a recruiting "chatbot." People want to feel like they're talking to people — not being limited by what a bot is programmed to do. Olivia brings a fundamentally different experience to recruiting with conversational AI — giving candidates and recruiting teams the friendly assistant they've always wanted.

Natural Language Processing

Conversations so natural, it's like talking to a friend.

Conversational AI isn't about tricking candidates into thinking they're talking to a human. It's about providing an experience that feels so natural that candidates ask questions or share information just like they would in a casual conversation.

conversational AI recruiting from Paradox
Share benefits information with potential hires with AI assistant Olivia from Paradox
Candidate-driven Experiences

Put candidates in control of the conversation.

If a candidate wants to find a job, ask a question about benefits, or check on the status of their application, all they should have to do is ask. Conversational AI brings that flexibility to life, empowering candidates to get instant answers to any question they have.

Better experiences. Real results.

Conversational AI isn't just about creating more elegant experiences (thought it certainly does). It's also about business results. In early 2020, Aptitude Research published a report that found Conversational AI helps companies see:


More likely to fill positions within two weeks


More likely to improve candidate experience


More likely to improve first-year retention

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"Conversational AI is more than a chatbot. With conversational AI, companies aren't picking between humans and technology. They get both."

Madeline Laurano, Founder
Aptitude Research

It's time to create
unique experiences.

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