How McDonald's leverages automation to create a more human candidate experience.

How does a global leader in high-volume hiring like McDonald’s ensure that automation will continue to offer a personalized hiring experience for candidates?

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“Are we taking human experience out with recruiting automation?”

That was the first fear Alexa Morse, Director of HR Operations and Execution at McDonald’s, had when her team first began exploring incorporating AI and automation into the hiring process for their restaurants.

But those worries were almost immediately laid to rest when McDonald’s and their hiring managers started to see the results with Paradox.

Specifically, these results jumped off the page for Morse and her recruiting team: 

“It helps us hire faster, but what we’re getting out of that is offering a more personalized experience and engaging candidates between steps, especially now when the employee experience is at its most critical,” said Morse. “We were able to deliver an MVP experience that was very elevated and excited a lot of people going into the next year.”

Want to hear more to improve your candidate experience?

Check out Alexa Morse’s speaking session at this year’s HR Technology conference: 

For more insight on how McDonald’s has adopted AI into their recruiting process, check out the full HR Executive article.

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Tyler McEvilly
Tyler McEvilly
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