AI hiring tools help restaurant owners and operators focus on what’s important: People

Conversational AI is helping franchises and restaurants overcome labor challenges — with real results — according to a recent article in Franchise Times.

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Hiring is about people. Recruiters and hiring managers should be able to focus on the people they’re trying to hire.

That means the hiring process should be simple. The software and technology behind the scenes should be invisible, only lessening their distractions.

In a recent Franchise Times article, they found restaurant owners and operators were actually able to achieve this ideal with conversational AI hiring tools. And the results were clear — starting with managers’ reactions.

“Smiles on their faces. We had an in-person meeting with our GMs about it, that’s how I knew it was working,” said Zach Bodnarchuk, talent acquisition manager at Red Robin franchisee Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group.

Plus, restaurants have seen benefits like:

  • Time to hire decreased nearly 80%
  • Hiring 2.5x more applicants
  • Decreased interview ghosting

For more insight on AI tools and their impact on restaurant hiring, check out the full article here.

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Joe Prats
Joe Prats
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