Paradox Hires Marc Chesley As CPO To Drive Product Innovation

Paradox, the AI company with a mission to empower talent through assistive intelligence has hired Marc Chesley to join its executive team.

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Marc Chesley to join Paradox as Chief Operating Officer.

SCOTTSDALE, August 28, 2017 -- Paradox, the AI company with a mission to empower talent through assistive intelligence has hired Marc Chesley to join its executive team. Appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer, Chesley will be responsible for product engineering, the continued innovation of Olivia’s artificial intelligence technology platform, and will serve as the company’s legal counsel.

Chesley is a proven leader of successful, high growth SaaS companies. Chesley served as President of OfferPad, which became the fastest company in Arizona history to go from startup to $100M in revenue, and CEO of Lavu, global leader of iPad point of sale software systems for restaurant franchises. Chesley also helped start and then spent over a decade growing Infusionsoft, the worldwide leader in sales and marketing automation CRM for small businesses, as CTO and Head of Product. With his leadership, Infusionsoft grew annual revenue from $1M to $100M. Chesley has also helped raise over $500M in venture capital, private equity and other strategic financing.

“Marc brings a deep expertise in growing and scaling technology companies and products that demonstrate a meaningful ability to drive results for their clients,” said Aaron Matos, Paradox CEO & Founder. “Marc knows and understands product innovation and advanced technology systems incredibly well. He’s an expert in Artificial Intelligence and automation, we’re proud he chose to join the team at Paradox.”

“Aaron and I share a passion for growing people and companies. We’ve each built great companies before, and we’re excited to grow Arizona’s next great technology company together,” said Chesley. “I’m excited to partner with Aaron to execute his vision of building the leading AI company which transforms the company and candidate experience through assistive technology.

Paradox’s flagship product is Olivia, an AI recruiting assistant obsessed with improving and reinventing the candidate experience. Olivia uses assistive intelligence to allow recruiters to focus on what they do best, human interaction, while she focuses on experience, automation, and intelligence.

“Olivia’s skill set has dramatically expanded since our launch in late 2016,” said Matos. “Today, Olivia acts as a personal concierge to candidates, recruiters and hiring managers across the recruiting process. She is helping to accomplish work at a scale that our clients didn’t think was previously possible. Marc’s expertise in leading-edge technology and building highly scalable systems will help us take Olivia and her capabilities to the next level.”

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