Post it and they will come… or will they?

Post and pray may have worked in the past, but today employers have to implement technologies that move towards the candidates, not away. Joshua Secrest, former Head of Global TA at McDonald's, advocates for conversational AI taking over the classic "help wanted" sign.

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In 2021, 69% of companies expected to have difficulties with hiring talent. That's quite a lot. Unfortunately, this number only grew in 2022 with 75% of companies expecting to have difficulty hiring talent. But, most of them aren't investing in anything meaningful to combat that issue. They're still just propping up a sign that says "now hiring" and hoping that people walk by. That worked 10 years ago, but in the last few years things have changed. In the midst of the pandemic, organizations had less slack to create a modern hiring experience.

In a recent article on Retail TouchPoints, Joshua Secrest, former Head of Global TA at McDonald's, argues to move far away from apathetic post and pray tactics that may have worked in the past, but won't ensure you thrive in 2022 — where providing a top-tier candidate experience is more important than ever.

So, how does he suggest employers go further than this?

Revolutionize the hourly hiring process into an engaging experience by:

  • Re-evaluating your entire recruiting process to recognize any barriers for your recruiters.
  • Implementing conversational AI to turn conversations with candidates into text-to-apply opportunities.
  • Become a mobile-first hiring process to meet candidates on their phones.
  • Carry out use of conversational AI throughout the entire process, even including onboarding.

The main power of this process stems from conversational AI. Once implemented into hourly hiring software, it acts as an invisible operation. Candidates are able to have immediate, high-quality interactions with the brand and company. When they text to apply, they are able to stay engaged the whole time through a seamless conversation, all without requiring a recruiter to participate until further in the process.

Read more of Joshua’s Secrest’s keys to the new fast-paced, hourly hiring market on Retail TouchPoints here.

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Tyler McEvilly
Tyler McEvilly

Every great hire starts with a conversation.

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