1,000+ HR-related jobs opened within 23 minutes – recruiters need assistance

The demand for recruiters hasn’t gone away. It’s only increasing – and accelerating HR tech innovation. A recent article from Human Resource Executive explains why, and offers solutions.

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What may have initially just appeared to be a viral spike in recruiter jobs has continued to grow. It’s been a month and they’re only higher in demand.

As of this writing, there have been 72,005 US jobs posted on LinkedIn for “recruiter,” “human resources,” “HR,” and “talent acquisition” in the past 24 hours — that’s only new job postings in the last day.

In fact, I was double checking my work, and the number is now 73,736.

That’s over 1,000 jobs posted in 23 minutes…wow. Let that sink in.

The question is: While employers scramble to fill those recruiter and HR roles, who’s going to get the work done that needs to get done? And even when those positions are filled, how do we find ways to make those recruiters more effective so they don’t burn out and leave?

One answer: Technology.

“People used to worry about conversational AI replacing jobs,” writes George LaRocque in a recent article for Human Resource Executive. “Now, it’s a matter of it doing the jobs we don’t have the people for.”

Here’s an interesting question he posed, “How can we provide a decent employee experience when we don’t have the people to be its stewards?”

Answer: You can’t.

Hiring — and really, work in general — is about people. It’s about people connecting with other people. There’s no replacing that. So what can companies do when they don’t have enough people, especially the people in charge of hiring other people?

Well, you can give assistance to the people you do have by providing high-quality HR software to your hiring managers.

For more insight from George LaRocque on this topic, check out his article in HRE here.

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Joe Prats
Joe Prats

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