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Olivia Hire for Retail & Restaurant (R&R)

Simplified. Faster. Mobile. A unique candidate-centric hiring solution built specifically for high volume retail and restaurant (R&R) locations without recruiter support.

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High volume doesn’t mean complicated.

Focusing on roles, not reqs is changing how quickly you can engage with talent on demand.

Why are we using email for millennials and Gen Z candidates? Why does a retail employee need to fill out a 10 page application? Why does my store manager have to work so hard when they have a business to run? Why is it almost 2020 and our systems are working like 2005?

It’s time to reinvent restaurant & retail hiring.


Built around mobile SMS for your candidates.

Retail and restaurant recruiting is the epitome of mobile first. Candidates are in your stores and eating at your quick serve restaurant.

Use Olivia Capture & Screen tools to engage quickly and easily via SMS and apply while on location. Use Olivia Schedule to immediately respond with hiring next steps and schedule interviews. It’s a complete process for what should be the most streamlined hiring process in the world.


Designed for store & restaurant managers.

Your hiring managers are business operators. They need candidates as soon as a position is open. Olivia creates a new paradigm with on-demand hiring. Olivia is an assistant in every retail location, and every restaurant. She helps the candidates make the process easy, while helping managers focus on their business. Olivia screens, green lights candidates and manages the administrative burden of the local hiring process.

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Engage with candidates in 90 seconds or less

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Scheduling for one-to-one or group interviews


No recruiter, no problem.

The challenge in most R&R is there is no recruiting support, and all the work is on the manager. The costs and time burdens get lost or the hiring doesn’t happen. Olivia Hire is the center of your communications, managing the back and forth of candidate interactions and managing the process, so your managers don’t have to. She assists with the hiring needs of each manager, ensuring that every location has the support of a dedicated, recruiter working 24/7.

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Ensures every location and manager has dedicated recruiter support

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Working 24/7 to interact, engage and schedule candidates

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Job postings just got a lot easier.

The traditional ATS & requisition process was built for recruiters. Your store managers don’t have time or interest in opening reqs in your ATS. They’re begging for something simple and modern. Your hiring managers are wondering why they can call an Uber in two clicks on their personal time, but it takes 10 minutes to open a job req at work? Stores and restaurants have the same 4-5 jobs, always. Your needs are like inventory management: jobs are open or closed. Recruiting is just-in-time. Simple.

Scale doesn’t mean complex.

The retail and restaurant industry is built to scale. Local business operations, multiplied. At Paradox, we believe “making things simple is hard work.” Lots of locations doesn’t have to mean complicated. R&R hiring is simple and has been handled by “walk-ins” since the first general store opened up in frontier land. Most of today’s req-based systems were built for recruiters, sourcers, and a complicated environment. Olivia Hire simplifies by remembering that high volume doesn’t have to mean complicated.

Not retail or restaurant?

If you’re a tech company or a global telecom, CPG, or entertainment and media company, you probably have much more complicated recruiting than your local quick service restaurant. You have process and complexity. Olivia Hire for R&R is purely designed for retail and restaurants. If you have a recruiting team, large corporate and staff roles, or thousands upon thousands of jobs in your job families - Olivia Hire isn’t the solution for you - instead see how Olivia can integrate into your CRM & ATS.

Olivia’s skills can work for you separately or as part of a suite, and seamlessly integrate into your corporate CRM and/or ATS system. We’ll be the first to admit that your ATS and CRM support your recruiting needs in important ways. We don’t want to replace that, we want to complement it. How? We can help you mobilize with text recruiting, engage with candidates, answer questions, improve conversion, and even handle the most complex enterprise recruiting scheduling challenges - all without changing your current tech stack.

Let Olivia help make your ATS or CRM even better with conversations.

You’ve got vendors, we’ve got answers.

You may need Olivia to integrate into your career site, your ATS, your assessment, your video provider - and in some cases directly into your ERP. Olivia can connect through our open API platform into any HR tech on the market.

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