Virtual Hiring Events

Host recruiting events from anywhere.

The world's gone virtual and Olivia has, too. With virtual events, you can host engaging recruiting events and virtual job fairs from the comfort of your desk (or couch), and give candidates a simple, mobile-first experience they'll love.

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Host virtual hiring events for job candidates through AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox

No User Limits

Successful virtual hiring events start with having the right support staff to ensure every candidate has a great conversation. So, we don't limit how many team members you can invite to help out. The more the merrier.

No Forms to Fill

When candidates see forms or user name and password requirements, about half (or more) will drop-off. We flip that ratio, increasing conversion by letting candidates register with a simple, mobile conversation — no form or login required.

Real-Time Video

Want to make a virtual event feel a little more real? Invite candidates to a quick video conversation with the click of a button. Candidates can easily join the video call on their phone or desktop — no new software downloads required.

virtual hiring event technology from Paradox

Ditch the forms & clunky log-ins.

We liked 2005, too. But it's 2020 and candidates expect simpler, faster, form-free experiences.

Simplify the virtual event experience and let Olivia handle registration, reminders, and follow-ups — all via mobile chat, on your career site or the candidate's phone. No logins. No passwords. No complicated signups or logins.

Welcome every candidate with a virtual handshake.

Once someone registers, Olivia will send automated reminders leading up to your virtual event — and she'll greet every candidate when the event starts, passing them off to a recruiter a virtual handshake.

Conduct virtual hiring events for job candidates through AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox
virtual hiring events with video chat feature

Put a face to the name with a quick video chat.

Ready to take a virtual event conversation to the next level? Olivia can invite candidates to join a quick video chat with a simple link, right in the chat. No extra software to download. No user names or passwords. Just click, smile, and say hello.

Paradox virtual events for hiring

Juggle multiple conversations without breaking a sweat.

Easily toggle between conversations and chat with multiple people at the same time, so you never miss a chance to engage the perfect candidate. With virtual events, there are no user limits and no restrictions on how many conversations you can have at once.

Results for The Compass Group


virtual events hosted


attendees attracted to events


attendees advanced to final interview or offer stage

“For candidates, having the ability to text during events drastically reduced drop-off. They loved not having to download new software or create a new login for another new system.”
Alexandra Miller, Senior TA Manager

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