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An average recruiter spends more than 20 hours every week on administrative tasks. And that means 20 hours not spent with actual candidates. It's time to shatter that paradigm and give talent teams hours back in their day — freeing them up to spend time with people, not software.

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Smart, effortless experiences with assistive intelligence.

From candidate Q&A to simple, automated screening and scheduling, Olivia brings speed and care to the entire hiring process — for candidates and recruiting teams.

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Bring transparency and speed to recruiting by answering candidate questions instantly, on any device.

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Save your team hours every week by automating interview scheduling, reminders, cancellations, and more.

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Make applying to jobs as simple as sending a text — and automatically screen candidates in real-time.

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Virtual Events

Host a recruiting event from anywhere with a simple, mobile experience candidates love.

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Hire hourly roles in days, automating screening, scheduling, reminders, offers, onboarding, and much more.


Automate screening. Making applying via text as simple as sending a quick message. And build pipeline, without lifting a finger.


Put interview scheduling on autopilot by automating everything — from syncing calendars to sending reminders, and more.


Never leave candidates hanging with instant answers to any question — from personalized jobs to employer brand videos, and more. 

Feedback & Ratings

Real-time insight into every step of your hiring process.

Don’t get caught guessing which parts of your hiring process are delighting (or frustrating) people. Gather feedback at any point in your experience, customizing candidate or employee feedback with emojis, stars, and more — whatever suits your style best. 

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Employee Referrals

Never leave a great referral hanging.

Referrals should be one of your best sources of quality hires. The secret to making that magic happen?

Step 1: Make generating, screening, and responding to referrals as simple as sending a quick text message.

Step 2: Watch your next great hires pour in.

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Conduct virtual hiring events with video chat features through AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox
Virtual Events

Host hiring events from anywhere. Yep, even your home office.

Host a virtual recruiting event anywhere, anytime, on any device — and make it insanely simple for candidates to register, hiring managers to join, and recruiting teams to manage. No forms. No waiting rooms. No user limits. No stress.  

Events don't get much simpler than this.

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High volume doesn't have to mean highly complicated.

Should a retail employee really need to fill out a 10-page application? And should a frontline manager really spend hours every day screening, responding to, and scheduling interviews? Olivia can shorten the hourly hiring process to days and save managers hours every week.

It's time to reinvent hourly hiring.

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Communicate with job candidates with AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox

Real results. Very real impact.

What's the business benefit of making things simple? Beyond being able to do more with less, it's achieving the holy grail of speed and experience — helping you hire better people faster and create better experiences for everyone. 


more likely to fill positions within two weeks


more likely to improve candidate experience


more likely to improve first-year retention

Olivia plays nice with the tools you already use.

Whether candidates use WhatsApp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger; Android or Apple — we’ve got you covered. And with enterprise integrations for calendars, email, and video conferencing tools, you'll never have to worry.

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Interview acceptance rate


Scheduled in the same day


Staffed for managers

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“We didn't know exactly what would come out of implementing Olivia, but we cannot believe the success we've seen. The results speak for themselves.”
Laura Sorenson, Chief People Officer

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