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Olivia Capture

If you’re not making it easier for your candidates to apply, your competitors will.

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Olivia Capture

The world is mobile first.

Times have changed. Our mobile phones are our gateway to the world and preferred mode of communication. But it’s not enough to resize your application or create a form for a touch screen. Building a mobile experience means delivering an experience that’s built for the device, not just scaled to fit it.

Text to Apply

Ready wherever and whenever your candidates are.

Connect with candidates by text message, SMS, and messaging platforms like FB Messenger, Whatsapp, or WeChat. Olivia communicates through all major messaging platforms, just like your candidates do. She can also live on your corporate career site or other pages on the web and can communicate through conversational chat and email.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whats App
  • We Chat
  • Email
  • Web

Connect through SMS.

Unexpected calls are lost, blocked and ignored thanks to Caller ID and the proliferation of spam. When you reach out, you want your candidates to answer. Messaging is the medium proven to cut through the noise and get a response.

No Caller ID

Screening at the speed of conversation.

Olivia screens your candidates in real time, delivering them a different experience by asking the questions that matter to you and are personalized for them. Spend more time with candidates, and less time with their resumes.


Fast track your top talent.

Great talent won’t wait around until you find them. Green-light candidates for hard-to-fill roles, locations or other key criteria for immediate disposition and automated fast tracking through the hiring process to interview or other next steps.

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