Our founder, Aaron, is surrounded by Olivia. When we set out to name the AI assistant we thought a lot about what we were trying to build.

We hated the idea of a ‘bot.’ We didn’t want a little cartoon of a robot being your assistant. We believe the recruiting process is a human experience, and we wanted to create an assistant that had personality, life, and eventually even helped care about the experiences as much as the recruiters we’ve worked with do.

An AI with personality - oh what a paradox.

Our team went off to name what we built. And hundreds of names later, there was a short list that kept having “Olivia” at the top.

We’ll spare the details of all the names and why we liked Olivia - because it just felt right. And it felt even more right because there was a “real” Olivia in our lives every day - our founder's girlfriend, now turned wife, Olivia.

Aaron & Olivia

Aaron's a lucky guy. Photo credit: J Elizabeth Photography

So through this journey, Olivia Campos changed her name to Olivia Matos - and Olivia the recruiting assistant was born and went to work for hundreds of companies.

In case you’re worried that the real Olivia might not like having a recruiting assistant named after her, fear not. She kinda digs wearing shirts with her name and ensuring Aaron is saying her name thousands of times a day.

It kinda all just worked out.

And we hope you fall in love with your recruiting assistant in just a little different way than Aaron did with Olivia.

Olivia Baking

Olivia baking cookies for the 2017 CandE Awards.

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