We’re going to HR Tech, Workday Rising, and SAP SuccessConnect — and here’s what we’ll be talking about!

We like to surround ourselves with talent transformation leaders — that's why this September our team is stopping by some of the biggest conferences in the industry: HR Tech, SAP SuccessConnect, and Workday Rising.

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Fill a high-volume hourly role in a matter of hours or days, not weeks. Cut down the time it takes to schedule interviews from 5 days to 38 minutes. Candidates applying to your jobs in 90 seconds or less — right from their mobile phone, all through a simple, automated conversation.

Sounds impossible? Not if you ask TA leaders from McDonald’s, General Motors, Sobeys, and Compass Group.

They have achieved their hiring transformation and want to help you find yours. These leaders are joining us on the road starting next week — attending the HR Tech Conference, Workday Rising, and SAP SuccessConnect, all within the same week.

It’ll be a little crazy, but we can’t wait — for a very simple reason: We believe getting the right people together in a room to talk is a key step to true innovation. That’s where you create magical moments — the kind that could change the world.

At each of those events, we’ll have the amazing opportunity to share the stage with some of our clients (plus some solo sessions). When they share their stories and their successes it motivates us to continue innovating — like how they’re dramatically simplifying the hiring process for candidates and saving their teams thousands of hours of manual work, every single day with conversational AI.  

We are so humbled to work with amazing organizations and the people that make them tick. If you’ll be at these events, please come say hello! And if you just want to see these clients share their stories, here’s a little bit more about what we’ll be covering — and where to find us.

HR Tech - The Power of Conversational Recruiting: How McDonald's replaced friction with automation.

Summary: What if you could replace barriers and pain in your talent experience with conversations and high-touch interaction — without any more work? Hear McDonald's Director of Engagement and Talent, Alexa Morse, talk through using AI recruiting assistants to eliminate friction and replace it with conversation, keeping talent interested and freeing up recruiters.

Speakers: Alexa Morse, Director of HR Operations and Execution, McDonald’s and Eleanor Vajzovic, VP of Solutions, Paradox

The Power of Conversational Recruiting

SAP SuccessConnect - Learn How Compass Group is Using 24/7 Automation to Hire Faster.

Summary: What if automation could help you hire 60% faster, slash job-ad spend, and virtually eliminate candidate drop-off? Hear how Compass Group, one of the largest contract foodservice companies in the world, is using the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution and Paradox software to expedite high-volume hiring with a 24/7 AI assistant that has become a game changer.

Speakers: Shay Johnson, Sr Director of TA, Compass Group

Learn How Compass Group is Using 24/7 Automation to Hire Faster

SAP SuccessConnect - Apply Today, Start Tomorrow: How one of the largest grocers has expedited hiring with automation.

Summary: Understand how Canadian grocer Sobeys introduced automation to speed up hiring and keep candidates engaged with a hyper-personalized experience. Explore how Sobeys uses its mobile-first, 24/7 AI assistant "Sam" to keep its stores staffed with over 123,000 employees.

Speakers: Joanne Roth, Transformation Lead Talent Acquisition, Sobeys and Joshua Secrest, VP of Marketing and Client Advocacy

Apply Today, Start Tomorrow

Workday Rising - Need for speed: How General Motors is supercharging recruiters (and Workday) by automating scheduling.

Summary: What if your organization could save its recruiters hours every day simply with one click of a button in Workday? Join this session to hear from leaders at General Motors (GM) and Paradox on how GM is doing exactly that and more, and how this simplified process is transforming the way the organization hires.

Speakers: Eileen Kovalsky, Head of Candidate Experience, General Motors and Aaron Matos, Founder and CEO, Paradox

How GM is Supercharging Recruiters by Automating Scheduling

Workday Rising - From Hello to Hired: How removing friction helps hourly employers hire in half the time.

Summary: The hourly labor market is in nothing short of a crisis. Yet, some high-volume employers are thriving. Join this session to learn how these organizations are using conversational AI to simplify the hiring process for everyone and cut time to hire by more than half.

Speakers: Josh Zywien, Chief Marketing Officer, Paradox

From Hello to Hired

Workday Rising - Personalizing Talent Acquisition to Drive Employer Brand.

Summary: As competition for talent accelerates, personalization ensures candidate experience is an advantage. In a transactional world of quick applies and dull communications, learn how personalization at scale has become an essential part of winning talent.

Speakers: Adam Godson, Chief Product Officer, Paradox

Personalizing Talent Acquisition to Drive Employer Brand

We cannot wait to be there with you and other TA game changers. We hope you join in the conversations by stopping by these sessions!

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