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December 12, 2023

4 healthcare organizations that transformed hiring with AI.

Healthcare hiring is hard, here are 4 organizations that make it easier with conversational AI.

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Picture this: A potential healthcare candidate of yours just got off of a grueling 14 hour shift. They’re tired, have a long drive home, and are completely burned out of their current role.

What are they going to do?

Wait until the next day to apply for a new role and hope to get in contact with one of your recruiters?

Probably not. Tomorrow, that same candidate might lose motivation to find a new role or your competition has already picked them up. Not ideal.

They are ready to apply, ask questions, and get scheduled for an interview right now. Even if it's 3 a.m.

And no, that doesn’t mean you need around the clock recruiters fielding questions and applications. The best-of-the-best organizations are meeting candidates where they are, at any hour of the day with modern technology. Here are four organizations that recognized how 24/7 hiring with conversational AI would provide the best possible experience for candidates looking for a new healthcare role. ⬇️

Houston Methodist increased hard-to-fill hires. 

For Houston Methodist, finding talent for hard-to-fill roles and quickly reaching out to candidates was becoming increasingly difficult. To combat these struggles alongside the tight labor market, Houston Methodist implemented Mia, a 24/7 conversational AI assistant. Mia helps the team automate tasks like screening and scheduling, speeding up the hiring process and empowering candidates to apply whenever they want, however they want.

Since implementing Mia, Houston Methodist has seen:

  • 30% increase in hard-to-fill roles hires.
  • 88% of interviews scheduled on the same day as applied.
  • 60% of qualified candidates come in after work hours.

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Autism Learning Partners saved recruiters 7 hours a week with Paradox’s Conversational ATS.

Scaling Autism Learning Partners’ footprint meant increasing the amount of hires coming in. But when you are hiring for a role like behavior technician, finding (and retaining) these qualified talent is incredibly difficult. It was critical for ALP to figure out a recruiting system that was able to increase the volume of technicians they were hiring so that more families got access to care. 

After implementing Paradox’s Conversational ATS, ALP was able to increase the annual hires by 2,400 — without needing to scale their TA headcount. In an industry where turnover will always be a factor, ALP has been able to combat threats of understaffing by creating a larger, more informed candidate pipeline. 

“Our journey with Paradox has worked in stages. Now that we can get a high volume of candidates, we can research the profile of the most successful behavior technician," ALP’s VP of Talent Steffanie Chaviano said.

Since implementation, ALP has seen:

  • 50% increase in annual hires.
  • 7 hours saved per recruiter every week.
  • 95% reduction in manual screening.

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MJHS reduced cost-per-applicant by 60%.

For a non-profit healthcare organization like MJHS, every recruiting dollar matters — especially when you are hosting 4-6 hiring events per year. While these events are consistently successful in attracting interest, the process of attracting candidates was time consuming for the recruiting team and costly for the business.

Once the organization began using conversational AI to engage candidates on their event pages, MJHS began to see major improvements in the speed and overall experience of the hiring process. Now, MJHS captures 87% of candidates who begin the screening process through Olivia with over 80% of those candidates completing screening in less than 5 minutes. 

Since implementation, MJHS has seen: 

  • 77% increase in event registrations.
  • 60% decrease in cost per applicant.

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MJHS Client Story by Paradox

MultiCare cut recruiting costs with virtual events.

At the beginning of the pandemic, MultiCare was struggling to operate hiring events given the fresh transition from in-person to virtual. Since unveiling Paradox’s virtual hiring events, MultiCare was able to  drastically cut what they were spending to hire employees while creating a hiring experience that converts just as well (if not better) than if it was in person. Without the need to reserve event space, purchase equipment, and staff events, MultiCare has decreased their cost per event from an average of $4,000 to $1,000 — a decrease of 75% in just a few months.

“Our job search is very complex, cumbersome, and confusing. Olivia is helping us streamline candidates that we would have lost if we didn’t have this technology over this period,” MultiCare Recruitment Marketing Leader Leah Butters said

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