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How Houston Methodist Transformed Recruiting with Help from an AI assistant

How Houston Methodist Transformed Recruiting with Help from an AI assistant


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Consistently recognized as one of America’s Best Hospitals, Houston Methodist has a long standing history of being an institution that drives innovation as part of their corporate strategy. Specializing in a variety of healthcare services, physicians treat patients for anything from Alzheimer's to Orthopedics. As they grow their team to meet the demands of the millions of patients they treat, the company is continually looking for ways to engage candidates at scale and to enhance the candidate experience.

According to the Vice President of Talent Management for Houston Methodist, “We are building towers at almost all of our locations. Our hiring needs to be a steep upward slope and we especially need to hire experienced nurses.” Finding the right talent is always a challenge, but it’s especially difficult when hiring for top talent at a fast pace. The hospital’s talent team turned to assistive intelligence technology to help them enhance recruitment experiences through automation.

Leveraging Personality and Automation to Recruit Top Talent

The organization implemented assistive intelligence to improve the experience of their recruiters, and candidates. By providing instant engagement through automation, candidates receive the assistance they’re looking for at the time they need it.

According to members of the talent acquisition team, leveraging their AI Assistant allows for more personal experiences and gives them an advantage when recruiting top talent. The healthcare organization customized their virtual recruitment assistant’s name, photo, and personality to represent their unique brand and culture.

Their AI Assistant is now working with the hiring team to revolutionize their recruitment process and hire for their expanding team. Leveraging assistive intelligence coupled with personality, their AI assistant supports the hiring team’s efforts by enhancing the experience for their candidates and recruiters. By automating interview scheduling and providing answers to frequently asked questions, their assistant has reduced the administrative burden of the recruiting process, giving the team more time for higher value work. Now, the hospital’s hiring team has more time to dedicate to connecting with qualified candidates, which has reduced the time to fill open positions.

"The average RN that comes to our career site goes there seven times before they click on anything. Olivia engages possible candidates who might still be on the fence about applying."

Empowering Candidates to Apply at Any Hour

Healthcare professionals typically work in twelve-hour shifts, making it hard for recruiters and candidates to engage with one another. AI recruiting has transformed that process by empowering candidates to apply by text or on the web at any hour of the day. One recruiter using the assistant says it best, “The beauty about using our AI recruiting assistant is that she is available 24/7, which allows her to set up interviews at the point a candidate is applying, rather than having to wait for a member of the health system’s team to respond during regular business hours.”

The night shift tends to be less popular, making it hard for the recruiters to hire experienced staff for those positions. But now, recruiting team members who work with the hospital’s AI assistant are surprised with the results, “I didn’t realize how many people were interested in night shift positions. We’re now engaging a larger population of people who want to work that shift.” Because professionals finish their shifts after hours, the team had less opportunity to engage with them. According to the Vice President of Talent Management, things are different now, “We’re attracting and hiring night-shift nurses from places across the country, who might be applying at the end of their 12-hour shift when our offices are closed.”

"Almost 60% of candidates scheduled for interviews came into Olivia after hours. Olivia has been a huge value-add to our team."

Increase in Hard to Fill Candidates


of Qualified Candidates Come in After Hours


of Interviews Scheduled the Same Day Applied

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