We are Paradox, the AI company that believes recruiting is a people game.

Why does Paradox, and our AI recruiting assistant Olivia, exist?

We’re a team of people that aren’t satisfied with the way recruiting is done. After 20+ years of the Internet, ATS’s, job boards and more - we’re still at the point where communication and transparency between candidates and employers is horrible.

  • Why do we insist that candidates take 45-60 minutes to fill out our long and cumbersome ATS forms - and then never get back with the majority of them?
  • Why do we force candidates to search and apply for every “open req” instead of treating those people as individuals?
  • Why do we believe auto responses suffice as communication?
  • How can technology help our resource strapped recruiting teams spend more time with more candidates?

We see too many recruiters and talent acquisition teams spending 80% of the time doing administrative work - and 20% actually engaged with candidates.

We want to flip that.

We are inspired by the paradoxical concept that AI can actually make experiences more human.

Yes, recruiting is a people game.

Yes, AI can help us play that game better.

We see a future where humans do the things they’re best at, and AI technology handles the mundane and simple tasks for us. Technology is a tool for us, and should be used as such.

We never want to remove humans from the recruiting process. We just want to make it better.

Our dream is a better candidate and recruiter experience for everyone.

We have a lot to do to accomplish our dreams - and we’re just getting started. We’re excited and thankful for our clients that share our vision.

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