Screen, Schedule, & Offer Jobs in Seconds

Screen Candidates Faster & Easier

Your AI Assistant speeds up hiring by engaging candidates over text and automatically screens for qualifications, so your managers don’t have to. Being screened over text makes applying for a job as fast and easy as ordering at the drive-thru.

Automatically Schedule Interviews.

After screening for qualified candidates, your AI Assistant automatically schedules top talent for an interview time that fits your hiring manager’s schedules. Don’t worry about cancellations or rescheduling interviews because your AI Assistant handles that too.

Save Time By Offloading Administrative Tasks.

Hiring managers should spend their time helping team members and serving customers. Your AI Assistant saves managers hundreds of hours by taking care of the administrative tasks of recruiting.

24/7 Candidate & Hiring Manager Assistance.

Candidates aren’t the only ones your AI Assistant is helping. If you or your team have a question or run into a problem, your AI Assistant is here to help with those too.

Easy Onboarding With 1-On-1 Support.

Our team is dedicated to making sure your AI Assistant is built for your specific needs. We work 1-on-1 with your team to make onboarding as easy as eating a Frosty (without the brain freeze).