Conversational software takes candidates from hello to hired faster than ever.
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What if your hiring experience matched your customer experience?

Meet Olivia.

We automate >90% of the hiring experience for companies you know around the globe.

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Candidates engage with just a simple text or QR code scan.

From there, an AI assistant (we call ours Olivia) automatically screens via text-to-apply.

Candidate conversion rate with Paradox.
Reduction in time-to-apply.

And will schedule qualified applicants for interviews based on your calendar availability.

Did something come up? Not a problem.

We can also reschedule seamlessly, with no delays or dropoff.

And answer candidate questions, 24/7, 365.

of candidates engage after work hours.
of candidates rate the application experience positively.

When you're ready to make a hire, all it takes is a quick tap and we do the rest.

Meanwhile, you can send offers with a quick tap.

Active Noise Cancellation
for immersive sound.

Transparency mode for hearing
what’s happening around you.

A customizable fit
for all-day comfort.

Magic like you’ve never heard.

From hello to hired.
All at the convenience of candidates’ fingertips.

The conversation is the application — saving candidates and hiring teams hours of time.

Paradox works where the world works.

Any industry, any hiring volume — if you hire people, you deserve conversational software.


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