high-skill salaried recruitment

Save time and create magical candidate experiences.

Recruiting high-skill salaried positions requires a high-touch approach. The problem? Many corporate recruiting teams are too over-burdened managing reqs and administrative work to keep the process moving. Olivia can flip that paradigm — creating magical experiences for candidates and helping recruiting teams get recruiting work done, faster.

Ask job candidates interview questions through AI recruiting assistant Olivia from Paradox

Ditch the forms and build pipelines with conversations.

Form fatigue is real. With application completion rates hovering around 10%, you can dramatically decrease drop-off and turn simple conversations into your best channel for candidate conversion.

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Interview scheduler AI tool for salaried workers
Interview Scheduling

Automate scheduling and save your team hours every week.

Form fatigue is real — and a big reason drop-off rates are so high on corporate career sites. Olivia simplifies the experience for interested candidates, allowing them to quickly raise their hand with a quick web or mobile conversation.

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ROI that'll make your CFO downright giddy.

If you need to make the case to your boss, we’ve got your back. (Unless you are the boss — in which case, we’ve got even better news.) Here are some of the results Olivia's driving for some of the world's best recruiting teams: 


Conversion rate on candidate conversations

4+ hours

Saved per day, per recruiter on screening & scheduling


Candidate satisfaction rates after a conversation

AI recruiting for salaried hiring
Candidate Care

Give every candidate a career concierge.

What if you could answer candidate questions instantly, share personalized jobs in a conversation, and deliver rich employer brand content — like videos or images — in a chat? Olivia can do all of that (and more), without your team doing anything.

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"Communicating over text streamlines the process instead of playing phone tag or emailing back and forth. It's been a game-changer for candidates and our team."

Rebecca Hicks, Talent Specialist
DFCU Financial

It's time to create
unique experiences.

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