What if your career site evolved with every candidate?

Olivia augments any career site without overhauling it. With Experience Assistant, she acts as a content discovery engine to bring your most relevant content and jobs to each candidate’s fingertips through a dynamic, conversational experience.

Olivia hyper-personalizes content and jobs based on experience, interests and real-time responses.

Candidates connect with your brand in a whole new way, favoriting and saving content without logging in.

And throughout the entire hiring journey, Olivia is there to share content and answer questions 24/7 on any device.

Olivia does even more, too.

Resume Matching

More than job personalization, Olivia uses geolocation, natural language processing, real-time responses, resume matching and more to create an individualized experience.

Dynamic Storytelling

As candidates upload their resume or complete a screening question, Olivia will populate new, real-time content on any page they’re on across your career site.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Proactively share the content and stories most important to your company with the right candidates vs. waiting for them to find it.

Live Candidate Profiles

Olivia recalls conversations with candidates and enables them to like and revisit content throughout the hiring journey (without any login).

It's time to create
unique experiences.

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