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Olivia isn’t a chatbot. She’s a second set of hands. An immediate answer when your employees have a question. A warm welcome when candidates want to learn more. She’s a pipeline builder. A screening and scheduling powerhouse. An always-on sidekick who can be your best friend when work starts to pile up.

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“We didn’t know exactly what would come out of implementing Olivia, but we cannot believe the success we’ve seen. The results speak for themselves.”

Laura Sorenson

Chief People Officer

Employee Care

Immediate answers to your employees’ biggest questions

People don’t like waiting hours (or worse) for answers to important HR questions — like how to change their benefits or adjust retirement contributions. Olivia can save your team hours every week by helping employees quickly find the info they need, 24 hours a day, on any device, across every time zone.

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Build pipeline and fast track pre-screened leads

Not every visitor to your site will convert into an applicant. Olivia can capture basic candidate information — like name, email, and phone number — and pre-screen someone before they apply. When candidates check all the important boxes, Olivia can fast track them to a recruiter or automatically schedule an interview.

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Interview Scheduling

Schedule (and re-schedule) interviews in seconds

No one likes to play calendar roulette. Whether it’s a 1:1 pre-screen or a complex round robin, Olivia eliminates scheduling back-and-forth by syncing multiple calendars in seconds to find times that work for everyone. She integrates with the calendar tools you already use and automatically sends reminders to drive 100% show rates.

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Candidate Care

Deliver personal candidate engagement at scale

When candidates can’t find the information they need, they walk away. Olivia can instantly engage every visitor to your site and answer thousands of questions in real-time, in whatever language your candidates speak — creating more personal experiences and freeing recruiters up to focus on higher value work.

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Employee Referrals

Effortless referrals, on any device

Great referrals are a busy recruiter’s dream. Olivia makes it easy for every employee to open the door to their network through a simple, fast, mobile-first referral experience.

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Hourly hiring in days, not weeks

Restaurants and retail stores can’t wait weeks to fill open jobs. Thankfully, Olivia can cut the wait down to days — streamlining the hiring process with a simple, automated experience that saves hours of administrative work and gets great people into open roles faster.

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