The equation for a winning candidate experience.

In this webinar with Leapgen founder Jason Averbrook, Joshua Secrest talks revolutionizing the hiring process and treating candidates with the same respect you would treat a customer.

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When I was with McDonald’s, we became increasingly aware of a vicious cycle occurring. We were able to directly tie understaffed restaurants with lower revenue generation. These restaurants were left with high turnover rates because of a stretched-thin staff, all boiling over to a slower (more frustrating) customer experience, longer lines — resulting in decreased revenue.

In this webinar I teamed up with Jason Averbook, the co-founder of Leapgen. Bringing our HR backgrounds together we were able to talk about all things hiring. Breaking down (what we think) will begin to finally change the hiring process and experience for candidates and hiring managers everywhere. In the process, hopefully you’ll learn how to do the following:

It all starts with this equation, "Speed to talent + candidate care = A winning hiring experience". Below is a short excerpt from the conversation, but you can also watch along here.

Joshua Secrest:

“[With] tens of millions of applicants coming in…[McDonald’s] ambitious plan was to make it so that every single person had a unique experience with us — that was fun and personalized, even if they didn't get the job. So through the eyes of the candidates that didn't get the job, [we’d ask], “How do they feel about McDonald's after?"

…We ended up partnering with Paradox Olivia. The next piece was automating all of the parts of the process that were just either redundant or administrative. Establishing the strategy and the process really paid off, for McDonald's we were able to become (even pre-covid) a leader in speed.

In the HR and recruiting space… we [Paradox] want to automate, but we want to do that with a human touch, which means more personalization, more warmth, more ability to have customized interactions. But also something that's super fast and super frictionless. No waiting. No logins.”

This excerpt was lightly edited for clarity.

Check out the full webinar here.

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Joshua Secrest
Joshua Secrest

Every great hire starts with a conversation.

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