Paradox, The leading Assistive Intelligence Platform For Talent Experience, Announces New Hiring Platform For Retail & Restaurant

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - April 22, 2019 -- Paradox, the leading Assistive Intelligence platform for talent acquisition and talent experience, announces the launch of a new product, Olivia Hire for Retail & Restaurant.

Olivia Hire for Retail & Restaurant is a unique, mobile-first, candidate-centric solution built for the specific recruiting needs of high-volume retail and restaurant locations.

“The needs of retail and restaurant hiring managers are unique in many ways,” stated Aaron Matos, Paradox Founder & CEO. “Often stores and local restaurants don’t have full time recruiter support. We’ve reimagined the candidate and manager experience with an automated mobile SMS solution that is focused on roles, not job requisitions. We believe Olivia is the scalable answer to how these companies can employ a recruiter in every store or restaurant.”

Olivia Hire for Retail & Restaurant

Today, many high-volume recruiting organizations in the retail and restaurant industries open new job requisitions anytime a restaurant or store becomes understaffed. Local managers are forced to use traditional systems that were built for centralized organizations, not the needs of local stores. Restaurants offer online orders with a few clicks on a mobile device and retail stores offer curbside pickup; raising your hand to work at a restaurant should be as simple, easy, and fast.

Olivia Hire for Retail & Restaurant offers these employers the opportunity to manage the hiring process with help from assistive intelligence:

  • Role-based hiring model provides simple on/off for consistent roles and shift
  • Allow candidates to apply quickly and easily via SMS and web conversational apply while on location
  • Olivia scores and ranks, green lights candidates, automates process, and manages the administrative burden of the local hiring process
  • Manages the hiring process, including back and forth candidate interactions so managers can spend more time with talent

“Retail and restaurant hiring is local small business hiring built to scale,” says Matos. “We believe that large size doesn’t mean complex. Most software systems today were built for complex hiring processes with recruiter involvement, and in restaurant and retail hiring, the need is for simplicity and speed. Olivia makes the process easy for these candidates and hiring managers by delivering an easy to use platform built for mobile with the help of a 24/7 assistant for every location.”

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