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Olivia coordinates your candidate scheduling without breaking a sweat.

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Olivia Schedule

Outsource your scheduling headache.

Olivia solves the problem of scheduling and rescheduling. She can review thousands of calendars within seconds to efficiently and effectively schedule meetings and interviews that optimize your time and the time of your candidates.

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Built for the complexities of recruiting.

Calendar apps like Outlook, Gmail and Calendly haven’t solved the challenges of interview scheduling, because they weren’t built for it. Olivia’s robust scheduling capabilities were built to meet the unique and diverse scheduling needs by organizations of varying size and with diverse processes.

Improve your no shows (with no work).

Olivia’s automated SMS reminders help to reduce interview cancellations and no-shows, which can be a huge time and cost problem for organizations, particularly in a competitive job market. Olivia has delivered up to 100% show rates for companies, and as for the reminders— most candidates thank her.

Scheduling Reminders

Whatever your systems, we’ve got you covered.

Use yours or use ours, we’ll find the available times and optimize the rest. We integrate with major calendar systems like Google Calendar, Outlook and Office365, making the system seamless and invisible.

Using a video interviewing tool like Hirevue, Montage or another video conferencing provider such as Google Hangouts or Skype for Business? We’ve worked with them all. Tell us your setup and we’ll integrate them seamlessly.

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