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Olivia delivers all the answers your employees need, but don’t know where to find.

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Olivia Employee Care

Goodbye FAQ.

Your employees have big and often immediate questions, but getting the answers isn’t always easy. Let your employees focus on their work and their families, by providing the information they need in an accessible and instant way. Whether your employee is blocked from an internal firewall while sitting in the maternity wing or stuck in the airport after a canceled flight, make getting an answer the easy part.

Upgrade your HR HelpDesk

If you have an internal or external call center dedicated to answering questions because of the scale of your questions or the complexity of your systems, we can help. Olivia delivers support 24/7 in over 100 languages to thousands of candidates at one time. She can integrate with existing systems or standalone to deliver HR and other resources to your employees through your intranet or through messaging platforms, including SMS.

Make your intranet, insightful

How easy is it to find information on your Intranet site? Most internal employee sites are a list of pages or a maze of links filled with pdf files that can’t be read on a mobile device.

Allow Olivia to assist your employees by quickly delivering the answers or direct links to the information that your employee is searching for. She can answer questions specific to the relevant language, geography and person.

Mobile, just like your employees

Not all employees are sitting at a desktop device. They are in your stores, in their trucks, on the job and onsite with customers. They need information that is easily and quickly accessible in the same way that they access most information today—at the touch of a button or through an assistant like Siri and Alexa. Olivia delivers the information your employees need from the convenience of conversational messaging.

Not just for policies & benefits

Olivia can deliver information related to insurance and company procedures, in fact she does it well. But we know that Human Resources has long been about more than that. Olivia can help deliver training, product information, professional development information, and more. Whatever information empowers your talent in their jobs, at your company and in their career, Olivia can help provide it in real-time, at scale.

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