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Learn more about the mobile-first hiring platform helping teams save countless hours on manual hiring tasks: 

Screening applicants
Nurturing top candidates 24/7
Instant interview scheduling 
Automated reminders
All through mobile/text.

Enhance or replace your existing recruiting tools with Paradox. 

Paradox is trusted by the world’s leading employers

We wanted a new system to add SMS capabilities as well as automated screening and scheduling. It has been such a great experience so far, and we’re looking forward to the future with Paradox.

Paradox is helping clients:

Find more qualified candidates.

Match job seekers to relevant openings based on their location, desired role, or resume 24/7. When they're ready, candidates apply via careers site chat or text.

Automate scheduling and rescheduling for everyone.

Whether virtual, multi-person, or sequential interviews, Paradox automates scheduling through enterprise-grade calendar integrations with O365, Gmail, and more.

Answer questions and screen talent, with less work for your team.  

Engage every career site visitor, answer thousands of questions in real-time, and capture required information to pre-screen candidates with the digital recruiting assistant. 


completion rate compared to 10% average.

3 mins

to schedule an interview vs 75 minute average.

8 days

time to hire
vs 41 day

Paradox integrates with your preferred tools.

Additional Benefits:

Enterprise Infosec

Olivia has several security certifications, including Soc2 type II, ISO 27001, and is compliant with GDPR & CCPA.

Global scalability

Olivia speaks more than 30+ languages at the drop of a text — and supports WhatsApp and Facebook messaging platforms.

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