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IAG Restaurant Group runs 3 of the top 10 fastest growing Jersey Mike’s Subs franchise restaurants. The company, operating in the Bay Area, faces fierce competition for hourly employees as a result of the high cost of living and the low unemployment rate of the region. Given restaurant managers’ busy schedules running daily store operations and the competition of the market, they struggled to recruit talent before their candidates would be hired for other jobs. This disconnect resulted in wasting hundreds of dollars per month in recruitment advertising spend and the loss of critical hours by hiring managers.

The Jersey Mike’s Subs regional franchise has grown by providing catering to employees of some of Silicon Valley’s largest technology companies. As the company brought on new large corporate catering accounts, hiring employees to support the additional business presented a growing challenge. President of IAG Restaurant Group, Jeff Henderson, partnered with Paradox to drive speed and efficiency into the recruiting process by introducing Olivia as the organization’s new AI recruiting assistant.

Increased efficiency translates to higher interview show rates.

As an entrepreneur in the Quick Service Restaurant industry, Henderson understands the value of speed and efficiency. Prior to working with Olivia Capture and Olivia Scheduling, candidates not showing for scheduled interviews cost roughly 8 hours per week of wasted managers’ time. Today, candidate interviews are typically scheduled within 2 hours. Olivia quickly captures and screens candidates, then alerts the appropriate hiring manager who can request that Olivia schedule an interview for that candidate. Thanks to the streamlined process, interview show rates with Olivia have increased by 60%.

"The key to hiring in our industry is to make the first contact as quickly as possible and hire on the spot. Olivia helps us be competitive in making that happen."

Text-based communications drive responsiveness.

Working with employees and customers in a fast-paced environment, hiring managers had difficulty finding time to sit at a computer to review resumes or keeping track of which email or phone number belonged to which candidate. Working with Olivia, hiring managers can view the candidate history and manage all communication from the convenience of a text message or the app from a mobile device. Now, with Olivia’s assistance, hiring managers typically respond to candidates in less than 2 hours.

While IAG Restaurant Group candidates are typically slow to reply to email and do not answer unknown calls, they respond quickly to text messaging. Interested candidates can simply text Olivia and answer a few short questions from their mobile device. As a result, responses from their candidates range from “instant” to under 20 minutes, according to Henderson. Candidates can cancel or reschedule interviews via the convenience of SMS and benefit from helpful interview information and reminders from Olivia.

Increased effectiveness of recruitment ad spend.

The investment in Olivia is paying off for IAG Restaurant Group. Henderson estimates that Olivia is saving his business thousands of dollars in wasted online recruitment ads and thousands of dollars per year additionally in labor. “For our industry and in our geographical market, hiring is constant. We don’t have specific job openings because best practice for us is to be constantly recruiting and hiring. To be competitive, we have to do it better and faster than the rest. Olivia helps us to do that.”

"Olivia takes on the administrative burden of recruiting with tremendous efficiency. As a result, she’s made recruiting easier for both our managers and our candidates."


Improvement in Interview Show Rates

4-6 Hrs

Time Savings per Week by Managers in the Recruiting Process


of Interviews Scheduled Same Day

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