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Olivia makes answering thousands of candidate questions look easy.

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Olivia Care

Goodbye FAQ.

Candidates have questions, but they aren’t going to read an FAQ page. Today, they have the world’s information available at the click of a button or through a quick “Hey Siri.” Your candidates expect the same availability and speed that they experience as consumers. Deliver a real-time, personalized experience through the personal recruiting experience of Olivia.

Assistant Personas

Working when you’re not.

Your candidates are looking for jobs and making decisions about where to apply even when you’re not available. In fact, for some of our clients, nearly 50% of candidate questions are asked outside of normal business hours. Don’t risk a candidate not applying because they don’t have the information that they need to make a decision about raising their hand for jobs at your company.

Olivia Care

The most knowledgeable employee you have.

While your recruiters know the answers, they probably don’t have time to field the same candidate questions that come up time and time again. Olivia stays on messaging and will even share insight about the questions asked, helping you to know what candidates really care about when evaluating your company or where they have uncertainty in the hiring process.

Olivia Care

Olivia is a quick learner.

We’ll help you onboard Olivia as your newest employee. She’ll learn your brand persona, the questions most often asked, and the right information to share. Just like your best employees, she’ll learn quickly and get better at her job over time. And the best part is, she’ll always be available—ready to answer the questions your candidates have, whenever they have them.

Assistant Personas

Personalize your assistant’s persona.

Whatever your employment brand and company voice, Olivia will make sure to represent it. Maybe the name Olivia doesn’t feel right for your brand? No problem, choose your assistant name and visual representation that fits your company and the people in it. Use a different persona by country and vary answers by location to ensure a relevant and personalized experience across the globe.

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