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Deepak Krishnamurthy

Deepak Krishnamurthy


Deepak Krishnamurthy is the Managing Partner at Gaia Equity, an investment firm focused on enterprise software, climate tech, and healthcare. Prior to founding Gaia Equity, he led Strategy and Transformation for SAP, where he architected an innovation and M&A strategy that resulted in a nearly 3X increase in top line revenue, a 4x increase in market capitalization, and more than $100 billion in incremental shareholder value. He also led SAP’s Fintech and Healthcare businesses, and successfully launched and scaled SAP.iO, a nearly-stage corporate venture arm that incubated 100+ startups — including Paradox — across eight global accelerators.

Krishnamurthy has also championed diversity and inclusion throughout his career, launching SAP’s “No Boundaries” initiative — a first-of-its-kind corporate venture initiative focused on accelerating and investing in minority and women-led startups. He’s a thought leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and sits on the board of the World Economic Forum’s Digital Europe Initiative.

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