Paradox Launches Virtual Hiring Events to Help Meet Candidates Anywhere


March 31, 2020

The Scottsdale-based software company’s new product is powered by a simple, chat-based interface that makes it easy for employers and recruiting teams to interact with candidates at scale, without leaving the office.

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ - March 31, 2020 -- Paradox, the powerfully simple conversational AI platform helping the world’s leading recruiting and HR teams do more with less, announced today the launch of Virtual Hiring Events. Built around Paradox’s AI assistant Olivia, the new product enables employers to quickly and easily create a virtual event, and engage with people directly in a simple, chat-based environment.

Development on Paradox’s new product accelerated after an increase in client requests brought on by travel restrictions and social distancing requirements. Paradox Chief Product Officer Adam Godson said the new challenges facing employers created an opportunity to generally reimagine the virtual event experience.

“Our clients are experiencing challenges they’ve never seen, which forced us to think about new ways we could add value,” Godson said. “While many companies have frozen hiring, many others are still actively hiring — and even the ones who aren’t still want to keep candidates engaged. Our goal was to find a unique way to support them — today and well into the future.”

Paradox’s solution focuses on a few key areas to make the experience as easy to manage as possible — for candidates and recruiting teams:

  • Create events in minutes — no forms or logins required: A new event can be created in minutes and immediately promoted to the company’s existing candidate pool via email or SMS campaigns. When candidates want to register, they simply chat with Olivia, Paradox’s AI assistant — no forms or logins necessary.
  • On-demand or real-time — and no user limits: Events can be offered on-demand or scheduled for a specific day and time, and there are no limits on the number of recruiters (or company users) who can participate in an event — ensuring the event is always staffed with enough people to create a positive candidate experience.
  • Auto-reminders and no long wait times: Olivia automatically sends reminders to candidates before the event, and candidates can cancel or reschedule with a simple text message. Once the event starts, candidates don’t have to wait in a lobby — they simply receive a text or email when a recruiter is ready.
  • AI assistant + human chat: Every candidate receives a warm welcome from Olivia and is seamlessly handed off to a recruiter for a 1:1 chat. Recruiters and hiring managers can toggle between chats to engage multiple people at once — ensuring no candidate is left awkwardly waiting for a response.
“As a company, our focus has always been on finding innovative ways to create value and positive impact for our clients — and that focus is more acute than ever,” said Aaron Matos, Paradox’s founder and CEO. “This new product helps us build on that mission and opens the door to a new way to work for the clients we serve.”

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Paradox Launches Virtual Hiring Events to Help Meet Candidates Anywhere

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