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Meet the AI Assistant built to save you time and money. She can screen candidates, schedule interviews, answer candidate and employee questions, and onboard new hires — and do it all in seconds, so your team can stay focused on the important stuff.

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“By automating interview scheduling and providing quick answers to frequently asked questions, our AI assistant’s reduced the administrative burden on the recruiting process and given the team more time for higher value work.”

Houston Methodist

VP of Talent Management

The Smartest Way to Get Work Done Faster

Olivia is helping the world’s leading HR and recruiting teams do more with less through Assistive Intelligence — creating efficiency that gives busy teams hours back in their week.

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An AI Assistant for Everyone

We believe recruiters, hiring managers, and talent leaders should spend time with people, not software. Find out how Olivia is driving a new paradigm for how hiring and talent management gets done.

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We don’t ask what we can sell you. We ask how we can help. From thousands of dollars saved on every hire to weeks shaved off the hiring process, we'll always benchmark our work with a simple KPI: Your success.

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